Handheld hardness testers

Shore | Barcol | Pusey & Jones | KFZ Interior

HP Hardness tester

HPE II Hardness tester

Car interior

Hardness tester with data logger and quick-center device

HPE III Hardness tester


HPE II Barcol

HPE II Fff – Testing device for the determination of the firmness of fruit pulp

HPE II Pusey & Jones

Table devices

Shore | IRHD | VLRH | Newton | Rockwell | Plastic | Vickers | Centering devices

BS 61 II test stand

Operating Stand BSA


IRHD Compact III

digi test II

3106 Testing device

Vickers V-Test II

digi test II Gelomat

Triple Shore A

Barofix II


Abrasion and rebound

ManualĀ | Automatic

Ball Rebound Tester

Rebound elasticity tester

Automatic Rebound Elasticity Tester

Abrasion tester


Check device | Kal-Rock | Rubber blocks | Control rings

Check device

Kal Rock

Standard rubber blocks

Control Rings

Sample preparation

Punching Presses | Cutting device


Punching press SP 1000

Punching Press SP 4000

Circular cutting device

Cutting device

Hardness- and Density Testing

HDA 150

Testing under temperature influence